First English Language test

Try the following quiz and see how good at English you are.

First Grammar Quiz

Choose the correct answers to the following grammar questions.

Complete the following text

_______ is the best time to score a goal in a football match?

1. When
2. Where
3. Who

Complete the following sentence

Science Week continues ________ Sunday 18 March.

1. when
2. until
3. in
4. for

Complete the following sentence:

I am afraid students´ writing is becoming more and more ___________

1. illiterate
2. eligible
3. illegible

Complete the following sentence:

When I returned to where I _____________ my car, it wasn´t there.

1. parked
2. was parking
3. had parked
4. have parked

If only you _________ with us. It was no fun without you.

1. would come
2. have come
3. came
4. had come

I ____________ my homework at last. I didn´t expect that it would take so much time.

1. have finished
2. finish
3. would finish
4. had finished

I am glad that your father managed to _________ that man. He had deceived all the rest of us.

1. see against
2. see through
3. see to
4. see out

There was another serious __________ of Ebola last month.

1. breakout
2. outbreak
3. overflow
4. fallout

Her book was very successful and ______ nearly a hundred thousand copies before it went out of print.

1. has sold
2. sold
3. have sold
4. bought

You must move your car at once! _______ I shall have to give you a ticket.

1. therefore
2. otherwise
3. consequently
4. whether

All 10 questions completed!

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First Grammar Quiz

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  1. Suddessful? And When I returned to where _____________ my car, it wasn´t there. is missing an ‘I’

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